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I instructed a plane to taxi and contact tower when ready. He contacts tower and says his takeoff clearance. Since their is a plane on final. I tell him to hold short. I then told him to line up runway 27L. He ignores the line up. I keep telling him to lineup but he Keeps ignoring. I was going to line him up and then clear him for takeoff RW 27L but I ended clearing him while he was holding short because he wasn’t listening one bit. Did I do anything wrong


May you tell me what server you were controlling?

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Unfortunately, pilots aren’t always going to listen or maybe he’s new & still doesn’t quite understand each command.

You can clear someone for takeoff at the hold short line. Which you did it appears, just make sure the other aircraft isn’t on the runway or short final.


Did the plane on final land before you cleared the lineup command?

Training lol 😂

Yup he exited and was already at gate

Because it was training, people are training for the expert server and therefore they will make mistakes and not listen

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Ok that’s what I was thinking. I fly expert atc on training

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Yeah lots of people tend to not listen to atc on training. It’s just one of those things. But if you want realistic players make a ATC Tracking Thread and you will get pilots who listen to every command and will give feedback.

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I just did that, going to open it tmrw. Come join if u want :)

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This was a key reason why I decided to join IFATC (not in currently due to inactivity stuff but hopefully returning soon), and a common frustration among users on the IFC involving being a controller on THE very well known, Training Server.

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Yea that’s why I’ve pretty much given up as ATC on training servers. Way too many trolls. But it seems in this case the pilot must’ve been newer and unfamiliar with what was going on. That or his hot pocket was done and had to go grab it real quick from the microwave before taking off on his long haul 🤣


I have encountered the same problem few times even in the Official events where the pilot doesn’t react to line up and wait.

Which is because of anyone the two possibilities.

  1. The pilot doesn’t know the meaning of Line up and wait.
  2. He missed the message or is away from the device. As our ATC interaction system is so well developed there is no chance of missing the message unless there is some error.

Now in the case the Controler can very well issue the Take off command but yes the controller has to ensure that there’s no other traffic on Runway.

I believe a Check User Guide should be given to the said pilot which will help him to check the meaning of Line up and wait though its self explanatory.

Hence you did no wrong as stated.




I agree, he was still responding with line up and wait but he wouldn’t do the command 💀

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Ues that clearly shows that the Pilot was not sure what to do with the Line up and wait Command.
You xab definitely issue a Take off once the runway is clear along with a Check User Guide.


Here’s my guess: probably a new pilot and when he heard line up he literally thought it meant line up as if you were in a line to use the runway. When I first started that’s what I thought line up and wait meant but since nobody was in front of me when I was told “line up and wait” I decided to get on the runway. Felt like a risky move, but I ended up being right.

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