ATC handover from radar to tower

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I’ve been enjoying IF for about a year now and especially ATC, I’ve over 8,000 operations now and hope to upgrade to expert one day soon. It’s always a learning curve each time you control the skies and I feel I’m progressing ok.
Just a question, when a pilot is on flight following to his specified runway and the traffic is quiet, when would be the best time to assign him/her the ‘expect vectors for ILS/GPS/Visual approach runway…’ because obviously you can’t give them approach clearance when they are on FF. also how do you know at that stage whether they want ILS/GPS or Visual?
Obviously when it’s busy I’d take control of the traffic approaching and give vectors as necessary but if it’s very quiet and they are on a flight plan there’s no need to give vectors.

Flight following means an aircraft will follow their flight plan to their destination.

You don’t need to give an aircraft expect vectors for GPS/ILS if it isn’t busy and they are on FF.

Approach will then send the pilot a frequency change to Tower, where they would report their position.

They should wait for Approach to hand them to tower. As Approach, you can do this whenever it’s convenient. If there’s no one around, send them early. If you might need to make sure they don’t interfere, hold them longer.

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Yeah, fixing that now. Still early… 😂

Ok thanks guys 👍.

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