ATC Handoff

I was just flying from TNCM to TNCS and I was told “frequency change approved”, no handoff. Then when I left tower’s frequency I was immediatly sent a on guard message from approach. There was no departure frequency avalible when I left tower’s frequency.

I know that I am not supposed to contact approach when I am a departure and told “frequency changed”. I also know that sometimes approach will handle both arrivals and departures. I can’t read minds though so what am I supposed to do next time and is this my fault. Trying very hard not to get ghosted.

You likely know the controllers message them about it.

I didn’t catch their names in time. Was kind of caught off guard by the on guard message.

@AdamCallow @Balloonchaser this is for you two

Haha, ok I’ll get in touch with him. Thanks.

Wait when was this?

I closed at around 22:50z


That’s not us… He was never on my freq (probably the people after)


I think I am might of saw “flying” in the name. I was too busy changing altitude and heading.

hehe, I departed out of TNCM 2 hours ago, and ATC was amazing.

Don’t you join Approach frequency if there is no departure so that they can keep track of you until your at cruise?
I haven’t encountered this yet, so correct me if I’m wrong :)


Then it was captain Jan

I know who it was. I’ll get in contact with him.

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