ATC Handoff to Unicom While Tower is Active

I’ve got another ATC handoff question.
Earlier today I was flying from EHAM to EDDL.
When I was around 80 nm away from EDDL, EHAM approach handed me off to EDDL Unicom.
EDDL Tower and Ground were active at the time.
I know EDDL Tower was out of reach, but how can I have been handed off to Unicom?
Doesn’t unicom ‘disappear’ when Tower and Ground become active? Or is it because of the distance?

MaxSez. Appears we need to establish ATC “SECTOR AOR’s”. Out of Palm Springs to LA I was handed of to Deigo. Oh My, stuff happens, LOL…

Approach can hand off to Unicom.

I think is the best and sure option for approach to be sure that you switch frequency,because many times the people still tuned in approach and causes busy frequency…

As @GordenW had previously stated, on two separate occasions I have connected to KSAN unicom when the KSAN tower is active. During both incidents I had called inbound, reported my position, and it wasn’t until final approach that the KSAN tower controller was able to get a message through to me. On my ATC selection list the KSAN active controller selection was not present, only unicom. I believe I have screen shots on my hard drive.

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