ATC guided me to a airport where my aircraft was too big for on expert server

He didn’t say my airplane was too big


You should have checked for the runwag information yourself, and which server were you on?

He was on expert also have any screenshots of the chat or controller name

Do you know who the controller was? Which airport?

Also, you can check yourself. Simply tap on the airport in question and it will say current airplane is too big.

Don’t land heavy at deltas

757/A321 MAX

Also it could be your fault as you requested to go there


So here’s the Deal. You requested an Airport which you knew you were too large for, then complain about the ATC vectoring you there? That seems like a douche thing to do.

Making sure the runway is long enough is your responsibility. This is just stupid.


There’s such a thing as too large an airport?

Also, Be nice. 🙂

If you’re flying a heavy toward a Delta, perhaps check:



Yes, yes there is. I would call a 747 too big for some airports like London city (EGLC)

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Why couldn’t the controller send them elsewhere?

Blame is on both sides, period.


Too large an airport, not aircraft.

Yep KEDW is one

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You don’t need to test us IFATC, we were already tested when getting selected :)

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In all seriousness. Do you think ATC has time to manually go in and see your aircraft type before vectoring you, when it’s busy?

Make sure it’s big enough before filing a FPL there.


Yes. They do.

Shared responsibility means shared blame. I get you want to stick up for your ATC brothers but let’s not point the dirty end of the stick at the pilot without smearing the controller a little for allowing them clearance.

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Sorry, but you haven’t really got a say in this. I respect you, but this is a thing controllers understand. Not you.


Your more than welcome to come and control for us and have 30 plus aircraft on your screen and check out what every individual aircraft is, you wouldn’t last five minuets.

Your flying on EXPERT server, this isn’t an exscuse to be babysitted, it’s a server for a pilot to be realistic as @Maxmustang says, pilot in command has the final say it’s his call not the controllers.



I understand perfectly.

But if you want to continue believing all controllers are perfect 100% of the time I have a nice long list you can search which disproves that.

This is pilot error And partially atc error as the pilot shouldn’t have requested to go there but also atc as they shouldn’t have vectored them there but if the atc was busy mistakes would’ve been made but irl that’s not acceptable

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I’m not sticking up for anyone, but this is a mean thing to do.