ATC guide and reference

I have a quick question. I really love the concept of ATC since communication always the key to a smooth flow(s). Though, I would like to find out if anybody can help refer me to any easy books to read relevant to piloting while understanding ATC communication. Part of the reason I ask this is that I’m quite hesitant about moving to the training server even though I qualify.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

This should help! It’s got everything you need for ATC and in air comms in IF


Thanks! I thought I found it complicated but I shall re-read thoroughly.

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Google is also always your friend! There’s a lot of uncommon words in there for aviation purposes so looking for definitions will greatly help! Reading it slow and taking in the info will also definitely help. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Safe landings!

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I appreciate your quick response and volunteering to help in case I have any questions. You’re awesome!

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Don’t be, the training server is where everyone is learning so its fine to make a few mistakes.

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