ATC (Ground)

Atc(ground) can report a player? How to report a trolling player?

is this on training server if yes then you cannot report but if you think its something bad for instance an inappropriate call sign use your replay and send it to a moderator

On the Training Server you cannot. It’s just a feature on the Expert Server. ;)


Where are you at @asickamin?

As mentioned, ATC’s on Training Server do not have the ability to ghost/report a misbehaving pilot.

If someone is not following instructions try to work around him. If you see he is deliberately trying to ruin the fun for others by spamming the frequency, taxiing through others for a longer period of time, or things like that, you could report him here or, even better, directly to a moderator. Make sure you have the screenshots or video footage to show. Moderators may decide to expel this player, but this is at moderator’s discretion.


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