ATC Ground & Tower screens not showing

Good morning, yesterday I’ve been controlling on the Training server with no problem for more than an hour. Today I tried to join but neither of the frequency screens will show up. It looks like this. I tried restarting the APP and the device.

Device: iPad 10th gen
Operating system: IOS 17.2

Appears you’re in Observer Mode. Another user opened the frequencies at nearly the same time; slightly beating you to control. You may sit and observe the frequency until they close or leave and wait for it to become available again.

I tried more airports and there’s the same problem. When I change the frequency for the first time I can see a frame of the map I’m supposed to see but it instantly disappears

Try a less popular airport. If it continues, try resetting your network.

Fixed, I changed the wifi and now it works


Thanks, @Metier!🙂