ATC - ground speed vs airspeed

Hello, when ATC on Expert Server instructs you to maintain 200 knots, it means airspeed or ground speed?

Because I had issues with this few times. I stalled and crashed on Expert Server, because the ATC instructed me to not exceed 180 knots, so I was flying 170 knots airspeed. But the ground speed was 210 knots. Then the ATC sent me: please, follow instructions or you will be ghosted. And again instructed not to exceed 180 knots. So then I thought they mean ground speed but it was too slow for me and I stalled and crashed.

So does it mean airspeed or ground speed?
Thanks a lot.

Merry Christmas by the way!


It’s always airspeed;)
ATC instructions↓
Altitude=MSL(mean sea level)
Speed=IAS(indicated airspeed)


@MishaCamp Please, can you confirm this? Thank you.

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Yes, it is airspeed