ATC Ground - "Follow X Aircraft"

I’ve listened to a few clips of ATC and I noticed ground controllers would tell pilots to follow a specific aircraft on the taxiway (i.e. Follow Emirates A380).

It would be nice to have the ability to tell pilots to follow another aircraft. It would add more realism to the sim but I have a feeling it would also curb the issue of aircraft racing other aircraft on the taxiway or trying to get the right of way first.

This could work for ATC by selecting a miscellaneous message with “Follow X Aircraft” and within that menu it would list all aircraft on the ground at the specific airport. Once you tap the aircraft you’d want the pilot to follow, a message in the format :“Follow [Airline][Model]” would appear.

You can see an example of my request in the opening seconds of this video:


I really want this added, but someone requested this!


True…I tried searching for it but couldnt find it :( Oh well. Lets bump the other topic at least :)

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Could tweak it to be like

Follow the (Airline) (Plane) coming/on your (left/right)

As for the ATC command wise I think it’ll be like

Follow aircraft > (Callsign) of the various aircraft on a list

And then the verbal command comes out

Closed that one. It was old and got little attention.


Lufthansa 6JT after inbound company A380 line up and wait RWY25C

Sounds awesome :)

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Bump, would be very useful to control with

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its a different request i think

That topic was closed anyway since it was quite old. :)

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Nice or hold behind Flight x

Very nice idea, unfortunately I ran out of votes

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