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Hey everyone,

I’ve just done 1 hour of controlling ground at KLAX on training server hoping to get my ops up as I nearly have enough to contact a IFATC recruiter, but after the session I had gained one individual operation. Is this normal for ground control ?

Thanks :)

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Operations sometimes take a while to register. They should appear in your account shortly. :)


Okay it gave me one more than I had before but I’ll wait a while, thanks for your reply :)

Normally for me, when restarting the app it shows the new ops number.

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controlling only one station is very slow at gaining operations.

i’m not sure how IF counts operations, but i find that controlling TWR + GND together accumulates operations much much much faster

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Thanks for your advice, its appreciated:)

I’ll try that :)


Can I just say I departed KLAX when you were on ATC. You done a fantastic job. It was so busy but you maintained contol and got all your priorities in the right order. WELL DONE AND MUCH APPRECIATED. It was good enough for expert never mind training

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According to that you can’t get any ops from ground control, thanks for putting this here, it’s very helpful for the future

Wow thanks very much for this, it’s very kind of you :)

I would suggest focusing on both tower and ground since that is what you will be tested on. The recruiter is not going to teach you everything starting from scratch. Good luck!

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Thank you for your reply I appreciate it, with the recruiter not teaching from scratch, I’m going to make sure that I know what im doing before contacting them :)

Counts for each clearance, so when you clear someone on ground to taxi runway “x”, that counts as a operation.

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It didn’t happen for me though I cleared maybe 40-50 aircraft to taxi and got 1 op, but anyway I appreciate your help :)

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