ATC Ground and Tower open @ EGLC [CLOSED NOW]


I’m on ATC now at EGLC on the Training Server!

Please come and see how I am - feedback much appreciated, although it has been a while since I’ve been in control!

Would love to see some BA Embraders/A318s, FlyBe Embraders/Dash Q 400s.


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Ryanair operates 737’s, which can’t operate out of EGLC. :)

Easyjet also only operates A319’s and A320’s, which also cannot operate out of EGLC.

Really?! I had no idea - is that in real life and IF?

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In real life.

The largest aircraft that can get into EGLC is an A318. :D

Ahh. I knew that Ryanair/EasyJet didn’t operate in EGLC, just wanted to see some :)

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This is the point where I would recommend TS2, but its not an option any more. Im sure you gave me a great go around instruction but sadly I did not know what it was due to the bug. Then when I hit the atc button IF crashed so thats why I left.

Stay still, I’m coming out!

Nice work, the only problem was, you cleared me for the option twice :)

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Thank you! So would you say I did a good job?

I would say you did a great job

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Hello! Yes, sorry, I was aware of that! In the past I have been known to not actually clear an aircraft to land and after the sequencing had changed I thought it was best to clear you for a second time just to make sure - but I now know for next time! Thanks again :)

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Thank you Adam!

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You’ll know if you’ve already cleared them as they’ll be highlighted green

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I never knew this! Thanks for letting me know!

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