ATC gripe

Give me a shout in about an hour! Should be practicing ATC for IFATC with a scout or two at Shaw AFB on TS2 if any of you guys are interested! Just follow instructions and you guys know the rest!

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Let me know when it is, I would be glad to show up :)

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I’ve calculated roughly 102 more little flights will get me to the FORTY THOUSAND XP required.

Only just saw this, he/she took off from the stand. Grade 4s rule XD

No…but there absolutely should be.

The training server is for controllers to learn what they’re doing, so it’ll have to stay without it. If there’s an issue with controllers on the Expert Server, contact an ATC Moderator and tell them about what you saw, heard, and experienced.

I just use “stand by” if I here a silly instruction. I’ve received many “on guard” warning from ground control for sitting in my parking gate while I plotted my flight plan.
“QFA0230 you’re on an active airport, please contact Sydney ground”
“Stand by”

. . .

“QFA0230, pushback approved, expect runway 34L”
“Stand by”

Here’s the thing…while you need to respect ATC and their instructions, you are still flying the aircraft. You also have (one would hope) common sense and a brain to think for yourself. So don’t be afraid to question a call if you think it’s in the best interest of you and your aircraft. Think of the relationship between a pilot and ATC like that of a pitcher and catcher in baseball. Both need to work together at all times to execute correctly.

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Agreed. It’s been weeks since I’ve had a controller working on Expert. Occasionally I see other planes flying about in the region. I normally fly around 0330Z. Ghost town.

I agree there is many problems on training server, I’m fresh myself but the community here has taught me so so much, and when I want to fly I run into controllers that are difficult to work with and when I’m ATC I find the instructions I give are often welcomed or completely disregarded if I don’t give the clearance pilots want.

However it’s training server 😀

Ombut I hope the load on these servers will generate into pilots/ATC that had much better knowledge, and it all comes down to experience fingers crossed it will all sink in soon.

I always open ATC at empty airport and then I can manage everything best I can and again same with flying…

ATC can be difficult if your getting bombarded and it can be frustrating as a pilot when your holding position or holding short but we’re all doing our best.

Stay strong soldiers!!!

I love IF no matter if I do get rage sometimes, these are all training issues and that’s why we need training servers :)

Well said. The purpose of the training servers is to provide an atmosphere where mistakes are acceptable whilst learning; however, pure carelessness should stay in solo or on the casual server. People that are purposely being ignorant make it hard for others that are honestly trying to learn, which makes it hard to tell sometimes whether someone is learning or is purposely being “out of line”. Although the training servers don’t reach my full expectation, they still serve as a training environment for beginners. In summary… I agree with what you said in my above quote.


There should be some sort of function to flag a controller. I’ve had a line up and wait whilst they have cleared me to land a crazy number of times. I would agree that the paid regions have less nimrods in them and generally have better experiences. Just waiting to get to Grade 3 though!


Hang in there until you reach the necessary grade to get into Expert. Here, we have controllers who are trained and qualified on multiple functions of available services. In addition, all complaints can be forward to the moderators who run the team. Be sure to attach a picture of the log, the surrounding area around the airport, and the controller’s name.

A side note, though- we like to keep it tight when we can. I can usually squeeze people out when aircraft are under a three mile final. As long as the previous aircraft is airborne by the time the next one crosses the threshold, it’s solid. :)


I do recommend the expert server as well. as most people have said be sure to contact a moderator if they is an complaint.

I’ve made Grade 3 since I’ve posted this originally, and am actually surprised how much I still visit TS1. Sometimes I like the crowd even if it does get a little nuts. Expert is great - the ATC is definitely a cut above - but I do like the busy atmosphere of TS1 also. Choices are good!


It’s only a matter of time before enough good users have the XP and training to be on Expert. One day we’ll be as populated as TS1, I’m confident in that.


Looking forward to that time !! @Flightfan84

I love flying on TS1 70% of the time :)

And I had a superb experience earlier ATC was on point and I was received vectors which were spot on, and flying the globe master they definitely need to be right ! How that bird gets lift I’ll never know haha!

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Just had a nice flight in my CCX on Expert EHAM-EBBR courtesy @Mats_Edvin_Aaro IFATC. Just the fun I needed before shoving off to work tonight IRL.


Thanks for coming!

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Nice! I’m about to be off from work so it’s almost IF time for me. Stay safe on your shift tonight @MisterLargo