ATC gripe

So, okay, I’m fairly new and Grade 2. I also have a current love affair with my Citation X. But I digress.

I was just on the training server. I carefully plotted FPL from Catalina to Ontario, observe all etiquette related to speed and altitude, request frequency handoffs so nobody gets their feelings hurt, and receive ILS landing clearance for 26R from KONT tower.

Seconds after I announce I am on final and the Tower answers “Roger N1313B,” KONT Tower then invites someone to LINE UP AND WAIT on 26R. At 500’ AGL, I see a big fat jet sitting on the numbers, abort landing, announce go around, and Tower tells me “sorry bud, no pattern work.” I go around anyway and land on 26L.

(I forgot to mention someone was taking off TOWARD me from the OTHER end of 26L while my thrust reversers were going full blast.)

I get the heck off runway, contact ground, announce all clear, end flight, collect XP, plant face in palm.

I guess I’m just venting. No harm done I suppose. Somebody tell me - is this normal life on the training server?!

And I know pilots can be violated and ghosted for dumb flying - can pilots flag controllers for dumb controlling?


If your speaking about the Training Server, there’s nothing we can do. There are nimrod ATC and Pilots.

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training<< server. Got it.


Welcome to the community MisterLargo.
There is a report feature when clicking on an aircraft in Live. By doing so, you can send a report to their name. If three users report that pilot during the session, he is User Ghosted. Normally not enough people are aware or remember that.
To be fair, this is something to expect on the Training Server. It’s learning grounds for both controller, and pilots alike. My best suggestion is to keep flying until you reach Grade 3, and then join the Expert Server.
The difference is, controllers and pilots are held up to a standard, the controllers requiring testing to join and remain in the group. It is also Ghosting-Enforced, meaning that nimrods can be invisible to controllers and other pilots if need be. On the training server, it is learning grounds, so ghosting is not enforced, as it could be abused or used in a situation where the pilot was unaware of their learning mistakes. That’s about it. Just keep flying, and you’ll make it up there soon.


Great Scott. I would have rage quit.

Thanks! This is amazing fun.


Sadly, this is the reality of the Training Server. For a more professional flight try flying on the Expert Server.


I had a Delta go around two times, one time it wasn’t his fault, the next was when he overshot the runway doing a .6 mile approach <.< lol

Luckily, the guys taking off were extremely patient and understood they needed to start rolling asap once the arrival aircraft exited the runway.

One additional point: don’t fly in SoCal or any free region. Buy another region, and you’ll meet less nimrods and hopefully more pilots and ATCs, who want to train their skills seriously.


The expert server is a ghost town most of the time though. Increasing the XP needed to access it has been a double-edged sword, as although it has removed those who only play the game to mess around and annoy everyone else, it has also removed access for those who only have a small amount of time to play. It doesn’t seem like there’s any better way of deciding who has access though.

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Well yes it is, had a grade 4 take off on Tarmac before here is a photo of them

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They did raise the XP, but there’s still a lot of traffic on the Expert Server.
@Hankthegamer That happens sometimes with pilots in a different IF build, or they encounter an unexpected gust that throws them off. Happens to all of us. Happens to me sometimes as a Grade 5 pilot too. For how close he was the the actual runway, I don’t think he did it on purpose

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HI MisterLargo (loving in the name and picture!!)

Flying on the Training Server can be frustrating at times, you even see ‘advanced’ pilots of Grade 4 and above who do wrong things!

Whilst you continue to build your experience so that you can fly on the Expert server I would suggest that you fly more on other region on the Training Server, especially one of the ‘paid’ for regions such as London, Singapore or Hawaii. These are nice an big with some realistic routes available but also you find that whilst still on the TS the pilots generally will fly better and respect the rules more.

It is a shame that this is the case as SoCal region is a really beautiful region with mountains, coast, islands and some great airports and scenery, however every time I fly in it on the Training region, it is spoilt for me by the behaviour of others!

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Yes. Yes it is.


Training Server 2 is much calmer for me, TS1 is no longer enjoyable :)

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It’s not too bad at the moment, but from what I see there’s normally only about 5-10% load, which usually consists of people spread across different regions any way.

The current load right now is 30% with 61 flights in just Hawaii. 74 in total on the server

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If you’re atc on training: no one will listen to you

If you’re a pilot on training: You won’t/can’t listen to atc due to the trolls)
it’s loose, basically the causal server with violations allowed.

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Sometimes I try to ATC on the TS. But I always end up rage quitting because of how many people don’t follow instructions and how many people have no idea what they are doing at all!

Life advice:
Only play on the Expert Server.


I know, but I used to be able to fly Expert, now the XP changed and I have to fly with a bunch of idiots.

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