ATC greetings

Although not very formal, i see loads of videos where atc will say “good morning” etc to pilots tuning into the frequency. Today at KSFO i saw united 183 land, and i felt bad screaming YOUR IN AN ACTIVE AIRSPACE! (He was probably like “i know, duh”). What does everyone think about adding some greetings to the miscellaneous messages? (Both for pilot and controller).

Personally i feel “good evenening, united 183 would be better :)”


As much as this might seems like a fantastic idea, it would be near impossible for IFATC controllers to use this tool with the amount of traffic given, especially on Friday’s Night Flights like so. It would also clog the frequency, like it isn’t already. I like your train of thought though!

This would be good for airports with less frequencies, or the training server at less populated airports.

I like it. I think it could definitely work & it would also add a little more humanity to ATC.

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