ATC Grades

ATC Grades

Hey guys, it's jetPro back here with another ATC related proposal! Instead of being focused on how the pilot views ATC but also changing the experience of ATC.

Let me know what you think down below…


This idea was by a collaboration(ish) of me and @Ignas04

Okay - so lets jump right in -

What is this?

Basically, I am proposing a grading system for ATC - like the current pilot grading system, you could earn points or operations to level up, unlocking different things like center, ATIS, etc…

Grade 1

Ahh… the most basic… the one we all start in…

  • Ground Controller/Clearance Delivery
  • After, for say 15 successful “upratings” (maybe like a controller rating system [How was the ATC? Would you recommend it?]), you would be moved up?
Grade 2

Okey dokey, so you’re fresh certified… now you get access too…

  • Tower - the second in line…
  • Maybe not able to “multitask” (controlling two channels at once at a busy airport (KLAX))
  • After 100 “upvotes,” you may move up?
Grade 3

Wow! You’re like an expert! (Be aware, none of these controllers will have access to the EXPERT SERVER until they apply for IFATC.

  • Departure
  • MAY be able to “multitask” (controlling multiple channels at once)
  • After 200 “upvotes,” you may move up?
  • Ability to “tell to follow directions” (taken away recently :( )
Grade 4

Great! You’re one of the top! You’ve unlocked important parts of being an ATC controller.

  • Center/Appr
  • In this level, you have shown the ability to be able to be a great ATC - making lives easier for people
  • Center, and mainly APPR are very important and quite frankly complicated…
  • Report (Like alert others - maybe like a warning record) None of the grades should be allowed to ghost - it’s simply not something for them… (too much trolling)
Grade 5

Yay!!! You’re officially - THE MASTER!


I think you guys get it - its a pilot rating system for ATC!

This idea originated from VATSIM - an online ATC service for FSX, XPLANE, and P3D users.

Okay, so a bunch of you are probably wondering about IFATC - this proposal is only for TS1 - IFATC’s job will remain in place. But this could be used as a “credit,” like what grade they have which improves their chances of “getting hired?”

Ending Remarks
Constructive criticism is encouraged, please comment on this so I can improve it.

Yes! I do understand that this would take time and a ton of work - but would the outcomes outweigh the costs? Let me know down in the comments

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We actually do have one right now. Observer is the first one, then you have to join IFATC to progress:





So, I think, if you want to progress, then join IFATC:)


I’ll reiterate the issue of the grade system. Grade 5 doesn’t mean you can listen to ATC instructions. This also ignores the maturity part of a candidate. I don’t see an issue with the current ATC recruiting system so here are my 2 cents


Right, but this is for the training server - we recently lost some capabilities, and I thought of a new system…

Thanks for the comment - I’ll keep taht in mind.


What capabilities have been lost?


“Follow instructions” and “check forum for assistance” I guess:)


“Check help pages” and some other misc. commands



First of all, thanks for mentioning me in the thread!

I think this post covers nicely of what needs to be improved in the Training Server’s current system. I’d love to see this be implemented.

Now let me find a vote I can take away from someone…


I never said that… this system is for TS1, not expert server.

The grades are grades for ATC - the two have different systems.


The point is, the grade system is flawed and same as this system.

I don’t think limiting controllers to several frequencies will help. The tutorial idea is good but this one is just lacking something. “Upvotes” seems like something one can abuse by hating the ATC for giving them the runway further to them.


This prevents us even from “slightly” disciplining them - just a simple check help, to help yourself - is gone

I understand the issue of abuse… to this feature could be the answer too it.


In my opinion, the problem would be with downgrading. For example, as a Grade 3 pilot, if you get 6 violations, you get downgraded for a week. Simple, isn’t it?:) But with ATC it will be extremely hard (close to impossible) to track how the controller operates and downgrade them. It will be really common to see Grade 5 ATC who doesn’t know what a pattern work is.

And it will decrease the interest of being IFATC


Great idea! Would really help with the ATC control in TS1, and would be good to help new controllers in their way up to IFATC in Expert. Voted!


Agreed. We could still do it on operations or ATC time…


Sitting there going afk for time?

Giving out random commands and gaining ops?

There’s certainly flaws to this system that one can easily abuse

Quality controlling is not something you can measure with numbers


Yep, so maybe there would be a weekly/montly operation count/hour count - if it has not been met you will be downgraded.

Also, these skills are easy to maintain in your head…

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Every system can be abused in some way, shape, or form. We can’t leave everything to algorithms and computers to decide.


i questioned downgrading due to the poor performance:)

They are easy, but when you’ve just downloaded the game and you have no idea what to do as well as no intentions to watch tutorials…

  1. An AFK limit - if no screen touches within a time frame, you get automatically disconnected
  2. Pilots should be able to report ATC
  3. Understood, thats why conversation/constructive criticism is necessary.

That would be extremely hard to implement and track - as Matthew_Chan said,

Quality controlling is not something you can measure with numbers