ATC Grades for Training Controllers

Hey guys! Thanks for checking this topic out, so let’s talk for a minute.

I have just about 2000 ATC operations and I’m still considered an “Observer” which is kinda upsetting to me as if there were a player who was extremely talented but didn’t meet the requirements to join the IFATC program they would just be an “Observer”. Say they were 11 or 12 and weren’t old enough to get into the IFATC program, maybe we should at least give them some grades or titles to make them feel like they actually matter.

ATC grades go by operations, let’s say someone got 10k ATC operations, do you think that’s an “Observer”? I think not! Why don’t we use the same roles the the fancy IFATC controllers get but with pilots in training? And I mean it just gives some motivation to some of us who either can’t join IFATC or don’t want to. It would just be nice if we can have more than just an “Observer” title/grade by our name.

I’m also going to make a few counterarguments here.

1. Operations don’t show how talented you are, just how long you’ve been ATCing. This is not wrong, but wouldn’t you think that someone that’s been ATCing for a while would have some knowledge. Am I wrong?

2. This is unimportant and is unnecessary. It may be unimportant to some, but it’s just nice to show someone how experienced you are with ATC. Same reason you want your high school diploma, to show people that you graduated from high school.

Sorry if I’m kinda going on a rant, but it’s just something that I think would be necessary for us to have at it would boost some of our self confidence and something to work towards.


Hey there!

I’d like to give some counter arguments to your points, that perhaps you’ve failed to argue to the fullest extent.

Operations don’t show how talented you are, just how long you’ve been ATCing.

As you’ve mentioned, a person who has been controlling may show some knowledge after some time. While this is inherently true, it must be understood that IFATC controllers should be familiar with every scenario. Be it common, or niche scenarios, they’d have to be familiar with them all. These situations are tested out in IFATC practicals, where controllers have to pass them before joining the team.

This is unimportant and is unnecessary.

Well, you’ve just argued your own point. These IFATC ranks are changed manually by moderators, staff and members of the senior leadership. It would be too much of a hassle to check through and change the thousands of Infinite Flight users who may not even have an interest in IFATC. It is therefore easier for these people to only keep track of those who have displayed interest and abilities which are deemed satisfactory for the expert server.

Coming off this, I would also like to add onto a point you’ve just argue.

Operations really don’t mean anything

I can say that myself. I am an IFATC officer, just I have just barely scratched past 5,000 operations, while there are people I know who have hundreds of thousands of operations. However, does that take away from my ability from being a controller that’s just as good as them? I think not.

The points you’ve made so far are quite redundant.

What I mean in saying this is that people who control on the Training Server could very well just open tower and start farming operations. This doesn’t make them a good controller, even if they could accumulate a million operations. Making a whole new rank for the same set of permissions is completely redundant, and keeping it the way that it is right now is the best way forward in my opinion.


Just out of plain curiosity, what’s your hesitation(s) about joining IFATC? If you’re really into the idea of ranks, why not join the group and climb up the ranks yourself? Trust me, it’s much more rewarding to climb up the IFATC ladder and gain new perks rather than earning “grades” or tags that don’t affect the privileges you are given.


I’m not old enough yet. I’m 13 and turning 14 in 2 months.