ATC Grade Requirement

This feature will stop landings/flight time farmers from gaining easy access to grades and the expert server. Using this, for users to access Grades 3, 4, and 5, they must meet a set amount of interactions with ATC. The precise number is up to the developers to create, but my recommendations would be 10 for grade 3, 35 for grade 4 and 70 for grade 5. This way, access to expert is more professional and people can’t just farm landings and flight time on a small Pacific island.

Grade isn’t really an indicator of professionalism - I’ve seen Grade 1s act very professionally, and Grade 5s who act like idiots.


Grades are experience levels


That’s the current situation, in other words, what this feature would stop. If grades mean nothing, then why have them in the first place? The point of more grade restrictions is to make them harder to get and actually worth it. With many devices, one could get even grade 5 in a day if they commit to it-and boom, in less than 24 hours, that users now ranks higher than people who have played this game for a decade or more.

I posted this in another topic, but posting here too for visibility:

Is it possible to consider reducing landings requirement for Grades 4 and 5, and increasing the violations/landing requirement? Hear me out please.

Currently, getting to grade 5 needs 200 landings in 90 days, or 2+ landings per day. People who do a lot of long hauls are not getting there without doing touch and go’s; regardless of their professionalism. Similarly, a lot of otherwise lower quality pilots are getting there by doing multiple rounds of touch and go’s on the casual server. If somebody is doing 1-1.5 landings/day, they are using the sim consistently. Why tax them unnecessarily for their choice of flight - short hauls vs ultra long hauls, and force them to do touch and go’s?
I believe the violations/landings ratio is a much better indicator of how good a pilot is. That ratio for Grade 5 is 0.05 at the moment. We are allowing 5 violations per 100 landings for the highest grade. Isn’t that too much allowance? How about if you decreased Grade 5 landings requirement to 100 landings per 90 days (1+ landing/day), and increased violations/landing ratio requirement to 0.02 - only 2 violations per 100 landings will be acceptable to maintain Grade 5? I am sure this will lend more meaning to Grade 5 - at least they are not getting violations; which means there is a pretty good chance that they are professional too.
This is more art than science, and I realize that there is no one perfect way to decide requirements. However the current system of having 200 landings favors people who have time and do either short flights or touch and go’s, while still allowing them to get 5 violations/100 landings. Grade 5 people should have NO violations in the last 90 days - ideally. Grade 5 should mean a pilot is very high quality - it should not mean they are able to jump around on casual in a cessna and pass the landing requisites.

If we can merge my suggestion above with @whyevenbothernaming 's suggestion of minimum ATC interaction requirement - it can become a pretty effective way of maintaining high standards for Grade 4/5. People who are flying consistently (1 landing/day), are consistently interacting with ATC, and have super low violation count; are most likely the best pilots we have in our community and should be grade 4 or 5.

I hope this is food for thought. I am glad that you have been thinking about grade requirements and the changes in 24.2 are VERY positive. Just hoping that you continue this train of thought on how we can ensure positive changes in Grades 4 and 5 too.

So True When I first Brought the Subscription around 8 months ago I was really acting very professional on the casual servers and training because I tried really hard to be prepared for the expert server. I have been playing infinite for around 18 months 10 with pro and 8 without the pro subscription.

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This is a different way of seeing this, but I have to say, great job on cracking down on the differences between landings and violations. In a simplified way, violations overall mean absolutely nothing if someone hasn’t even met ATC at all. Interaction with ATC shapes someone’s violation record, not repeated landings on a Cessna 172 in Heraklion. I am kind of tweaking both of our ideas, but a “perfect” version (that will likely never be implemented) would be adding a “Violations per Controlled Landing”, that is a more realistic meter of someone’s skill level. I am creating a VA currently (it will take time, right now there is one person excluding myself in the project) and I might want to have some sort of verification of at least “some” contact with ATC.

2 or more landings per day is just a big no for many, not even long-haulers, as the whole process of starting a flight, planning, and if you’re playing in the morally correct way dealing with ATC (don’t get me wrong here-it’s always nice to take a break from ATC and the chaos and not have to worry about someone always watching your back, but consistently avoiding ATC interaction makes me think some users should stay in Training-flashback to that Viophobia topic) sometimes makes even a 30 minute hop and its return a very time consuming activity, and for many, simply not doable (especially regarding the game’s demographics)

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Definitely agree with your viewpoint. I hope IF pays attention to this. It’s a great way to look at it.

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