ATC Grade 3

Every single time I make it to grade 3 and I enter Expert Server I am being downgraded to 2. The ATC apparently have a problem with me. I was flying over the airspace and did not respond because I had to answer an important phone call so i placed it on Auto and left it for 10 minutes. When I returned I was downgraded to 2. This is very unacceptable.

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Do you know who was the controller who ghosted you?

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How high were you over their airspace? Never leave your phone for 10 minutes…

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@Khaleeb_Ali, The controller more than likely saw that since you were answering a call, went to “Unknown” and ghosted for that

I dont know how to find out.

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It is important to give a screenshot of the ghosting that we can get the proper information needed to solve the problem. Do you have any?

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Were you at cruise altitude?

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I was at 15000. I really could not attend to the both at the same time. I need to make a formal complaint


When did the inident occur? What airspace? If you can remember I’m sure the person that ghosted you can help.


They are currently at HECA.

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Hello, I would advise you to contact @Tyler_Shelton about this as he is in charge of ATC on the expert server.


That’s not a valid excuse to ignore a controller in a controlled airspace.

It’s unacceptable for you to leave your device unattended in an controlled airspace as well.

Time of ghost and airspace is needed to pm the controller, but we all know why you were ghosted.


Thank you very much i would try to reach out to him

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There is no need to get aggresive



I can assure you the ATC don’t have it out for you and certainly don’t know you in particular from any of the other hundreds of aircraft.

In a controlled airspace your attention is required. We understand real world events can take place which take your ability to do this away but we recommend holding or turning away rather than flying through an active airspace unattended.

As with any ghost you were likely contacted multiple times without answer. No need to contact a moderator as this will not be reversed. Regards,



😂 a simple statement of fact isn’t aggression.