Atc goes offline when controling in ts1

Hi all am I the only one that has this happen to.
When I am controlling in ts1 all is going well but suddenly I go offline for a few seconds then it will all come back online again. Its a bit of a pain as I have to some times have to ask people to recontact me. This has happend a few times I have a ipad pro and my internet connection is usually very good.R

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Yes, this thing happened to me too, I don’t know why it happens, probably this thing is conseguence of a too hot iPad, in my case, and ATC automatically stop for fiew seconds, I say that beacause IF use much Internet Connection for Live, so it’s normaly that your device become very hot and so it takes a break! ;)
Sorry for my possible errors but english isn’t my first language ;)

Thanks for your reply, my ipad does not seem to hot when it does it and I have tried to change settings lower but it makes no diffrance. Do you think that it may not be at our end but the server at I.F.

Maybe it’s a bug, because in TS1 there are many and many Airplanes so ATC is in contact with all them and it takes a break to stop the continue requests that can surriscalde your iPad or in your case make confusion between servers! ;)
So I think It’s normaly! ;)

Has happened to me too both on my iPad (pro) and phone (6s). This is also on different wifi networks so at home on my reliable and fast connection and at work. I am beginning to think it is something at the IF server end?

It’s not just ATC. For me, when I’m flying I sometimes get disconnected for a few seconds. It’s rather annoying.

For me it’s my internet to be the cause! Poor internet plus a 62% TS1 is one hell of a combination!

That’s what I thought when it happened at work, but it has happened a few times at home as well and there is nothing wrong with my home internet.

Yea I see what you mean! Maybe move this to support and one of the Mods could reach out and give some support on that one!

I’ve had a few similar issues too. I was flying on the FNF event on Expert and had been given right base instruction from Approach. It was very busy with lots of aircraft in sequence for landing. And then suddenly all other aircraft and ATC go missing. I could still see three green bars in top right hand corner so presumably the connection was OK. A few minutes later all reappeared and of course I was then out of sequence. I immediately quit in case I interrupted anyone else in the pattern and figured I may be ghosted as I wasn’t sure whether ATC could still see me. Its happened a few times so not sure what the problem is or what to do if it happens again.

This never happened to me when I had an iPad 2! Two weeks ago I got a iPad Pro 9.7 and this happens occasionally… On ATC & When I’m flying

Good idea, have moved to support, hope that’s ok with everyone.

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Ugh this is because you have a bad internet connection… Just wait a few moments and it will come back online. I am getting sick of this type of posts

Thanks for looking at the post but it does not drop out for a few minutes if it was we would know it’s our Internet connection. It only drops out for about 5 seconds and everything is back to normal.Richard.

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It isn’t as I have already noted, and it is not confined to one particular wifi.


Also it’s his wifi if all the planes vanish it’s beacuse he has garbage connection

Same thing has happened to me though on different wifi. The one I have at home is definitely not “garbage”.

Thanks for spotting the typo.

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It’s not my connection but if you don’t get it don’t worry about it. Richard

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Yep, it’s happened to me several times recently. Yes, I do have a really old, really bad iPad 2 but my WiFi Connection is super fast

It’s your connection. It happens to me I have iPad Air 2 and super fast finer optic wifi but still I crash