ATC - Go around

When iam Atc, and a Aircraft says on final “going around” what should i do then?

I think:
Going around - make left/right Traffic for RW xxy and then? Pattern/enger instructions?? Or when it is The only Aircraft directly cleared to Land??

Go Around, Make Left/Right Traffic Runway (x). It’s your responsibility to decide which way the enter.
a sequence may be neccscary, the only time you need to send an entry is if they are entering the same runway from a different position

Just give a pattern entry and re clear.

Also First going Around make left Traffic
Second enter legt DW rwXX
Third Cleared to Land RW XX

Thanks @Brandon_Sandstrom , you helped me the Second Time 😂😂

No if they announce go around give pattern entry, sequence as nessicary, and then clear to land. If you announce the go around left/right traffic, sequence, then clear.