ATC glitching

Just want to point out that ATC on VOTV was glitching while I was tuned to tower two times today.

1st time when @PilotEthan was controlling. I taxied to RW as instructed by Ground; all was well. Then when I tuned to Tower I lost contact and could not hear ATC. I exited and rebooted iPad and cleared IF Cache.

Later the same thing: when @DenverChris was controlling, Ground was fine and Tower was ok till I heard “Back Taxi line up and Wait”. Then the Tower frequency tuned out by itself. I re-tuned to Tower after waiting more than a minute lined up, realising there had to be some glitch.

Want to reach out to both controllers and thank them for their patience and not ghosting me lol

@Buccaneer and I talked offline in addition to this topic. We’re good.

The next part is about assisting with the the diagnostics / support aspect…

From the controller side he always appeared on my freq. I sent a couple of message it looks like were never received. He was probably without comms for +/- two min based on my screenshot.


Hi guys, well done handling this issue in a difficult situation. :) this is a well known issue with a possible fix coming in the near future. Thanks!

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