ATC glitch

Device:ipad 6
Operating system:15.4.1
There is a glitch while operating ATC, pilots will often request pushback, taxi, and takeoff, but I’m not receiving them. The first photo is from my end while the other is from one of my pilots.

As the pilot on the other end, most bizarre!

This was EDDM Ground.


I’ve had this happen to me before while controlling. Every time it’s happened a quick app restart fixes the issue. I use the same device, iPad 6th gen (32gb).


Very same experiences, iPhone12promax with latest IF and iOS version. Glitching around though the button always show I’m online.


I’ve had this issue many times, in fact more than 50% of my controlling sessions, and I know others have too. As mentioned above, a restart fixes it but that’s quite annoying (having to redo ATIS etc) especially when an airport is busy.

I have raised support requests here and on the IFATC Discord but there hasn’t been any explanation/fix so far.


Exactly why I’m requesting a fix, it’s a hassle to memorize the ATIS and coming back to the airport being bombarded with requests as well as changing the ATIS letter.

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Happened to me yesterday as well at NZAA, it’s still an ongoing problem

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Hi @schyllberg, would you be able to help with this?

I made another support request quite a while ago, although I didn’t fully understand it then.

Basically about 50-80% of the time I control on the ES I have the issue described above of losing communication with pilots. They are sending me requests and I can’t hear them. They can hear my requests but I cannot hear their responses. When new aircraft spawn they get stuck on ‘Unknown’ and are not visible to me. Aircraft tuning into my frequency do not become contactable or audible for me.

By exiting and rejoining the session I can see all the messages pilots have been sending. This is a bad “solution” though because during a busy sessions (e.g. at LPFG yesterday when it happened twice) I lose all my preset commands, have to redo ATIS, communicate with Approach etc.

The whole situation results in very bad service for pilots.

It’s not just me – based on responses to this, my old support request and through conversations in the IFATC Discord I know it happens to others too.

I am on iPhone 12, iOS 15.3.1. Happens on both Wifi and mobile data.

The problem occurs anywhere between 25-50 minutes into a controlling session.

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This usually happens when the connection is somewhat spotty. No, high speeds don’t determine this. This is more related to ping & jitter. Our current multiplayer servers are quite sensitive to this and in all cases where we’ve looked at this, the root cause are usually the same.

Unfortunately it’s not something we can fix on our end quickly, but the new server infrastructure we’re working on should improve this considerably since adaptions to counteract to issues like this are being implemented.

The best advice i can give at this point is to try to improve the local network stability. Restart the router more often for example.


Hi, thanks for having looked into it and replying.

Great that the new server infrastructure will hopefully take care of it.

Will try the router suggestion in the meantime, although the issue also occurs with a mobile data connection.

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And thank you for having the courage to @ the man directly. I didn’t have the courage🤣

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