ATC glitch?

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I was trying to do ATC services at EGLL in Training Server and I went crazy because I had too many incoming requests and tons of them I didn’t even see them in the radar for proper clearances.

Look at pic below where I had and aircraft requesting for take off several times RWY 27L and I just couldn’t see it in the map/radar plus the options for commanding this aircraft where not suitable.

Same situation with this other example below. Had someone requesting to taxi RWY 27L and I couldn’t see the aircraft in the radar and the menu options weren’t also suitable to give a command.

Could anyone please explain what happened, or if something like this has happened before? Also, maybe I was not seeing something and needed to do something in order to give proper commands?

Thank you, team! :)

This is a known issue when your connection isn’t all that strong. It typically starts happening with >5 aircraft on the ground. Devs are working on it with some server improvements, but you could also try using a VPN if you haven’t done so already.

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I do have excellent network connection, that’s why it surprised me.

I will try the VPN connection, though.

Thank you so much for the heads up :)

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