ATC Glitch

So I was flying from KCOS in Advance server. when I taxi to runway 35R a ground ATC went Active but I did not see any tower ATC so I use the unicom and took off. In the middle of my take off, The tower ATC warned me to contact KCOS Tower several times, I tried to find it at the ATC bar but could not find it. a few seconds later The KSOC tower just popped out at the ATC bar. I was scared that i will get ghosted. Is it my device problem or my connection problem? I want to find out as I dont want it to happen again. I was lucky i didnt get ghosted.

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I think it was when I was at the gate, after that it was all smooth

This can occasionally happen include the device software version and version of IF in the original post. That way the developers can possibly track down the issue.

*advanced server

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