ATC Glitch

Hello Community,
U just wanted to make people aware of the glitch that occurred to me on approach to Reno this morning. I had revived many warnings to contact approach, but their “tune” button never became available. I know this happens a lot, however I know it wasn’t something on my end, because I was able to successfully tune to the ATIS and the Tower control. Soon after, as you’d might expect, I was ghosted. However the controller working approach was kind enough to notice the glitch and remove the ghost before I ever needed to contact him, so that you so much to who was controlling this morning. The thing I just wanted to point out to the community is that I was able to connect to everyone, except the approach, meaning it was likely a glitch on the ATC software. Just wanted to bring this to attention. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hello! This is a well known issue.
Today there were many problems such as yours with people not being able to contact Approach.
Next time you encounter this, just change your callsign to NORDO and if it is very busy, divert to a more practical airport so that you dont get ghosted :)


You can change your callsign in the middle of the game? I had no idea! How would you do this?

Yes you can! Just go into the pause menu and tap the top right of your screen. Then change your callsign like you normally would

I’ve been playing this game for years and I never knew that! That’s really cool. And I assume ATC will understand what that means?

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Yup. NORDO means “No Radio” and is well known throughout IFATC and such

Ha! It’s like squawking 7600! Thank you so much for the help. You learn something new every day!


Glad I can help!

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I just would like to stress the importance of this part in case of issues with radio communication. Do yourself a favour and divert if you can’t contact ATC while needing them (while being in their airspace). Thanks @PlaneGeek for the replies!


Something tells me these are all just ATC mistakes asking to contact aircraft when they are too far…

I can promise you, with 100 percent certainty, that Gary is not trying to look for planes to control outside his airspace.


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