ATC giving level 3 violation for no good reason

We were on an internal event flight from EDDM-LOWW.
EDDM GND came on when we were already taxiing to RWY8R, which was used IRL so we had every reason to go there. When ATC came on we requested taxi to RWY8R as we should’ve. Then ATC begins to tell us to taxi to RWY8L, which was for a part of our group impossible to go to as seen in the image. The part of our group that could go to 8L did, but the remainder didn’t as it wasn’t possible. ATC won’t give us the clearance for RWY8R despite there was no reason not to. We had no possibility to turn and RWY8R was the obvious alternative. ATC got me an lvl 3 violation and the part of our group couldn’t do the flight.


Please PM the controller or @/appeals, creating a topic for this is unnecessary and can be taken the wrong way.

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Please do one of the following pointed in the comment above.