ATC Give way to aircraft

Ok, I’m controlling at KLAX on the training server, and I can’t find the give way to aircraft command! does any body know where it is?

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It should be right above progressive taxi. Press give way and select the choices: right, left, ahead or aircraft exiting runway XX.


For ground, it’s one under “Cross Runway…”

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thanks I found it

If you would like aircraft to listen to ATC, I would suggest not going to KLAX on Training Server. It is the busiest airport, but also a hotspot for not-so-serious pilots. I would recommend going to another airport if you want to ATC, maybe KSFO or EGLL, but if you do like KLAX, then it’s up to you!

From what I’ve heard, these are just as bad as KLAX these days, lol. Somewhere quiet but still has some traffic would be your best bet.

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Not trying to get people to listen, I just want to practice handling a lot amounts of traffic

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These are better than KLAX from my experience, but on Training Server it’s hard to find traffic outside the popular airports

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