ATC Ghosting Procedures Question

Hello Infinite Flight community members and users, I want to ask a question about IFATC Ghosting to see what IFATC will ghost people for. I was on the expert server earlier and I was at Athens airport in an F-16. Once I was given takeoff clearance, I proceeded to takeoff and reach a speed of almost 400kts as I was attempting to do a vertical takeoff which is what most military pilots do with fighter jets. I was passing 10,000 ft at about 360kts when I had leveled the jet, reduced throttle power to 0%, and let the plane lose speed. As I was slowing down rapidly and reaching about 270kts, I was reported by @naro for doing excessive speeds in an airport environment. I was really confused because I was not even close to the speed limit for aerobatics in the vicinity of an airport and I was above 10,000 ft. I know many people would say PM the controller but I already have so I do not need a response about the PM. I pretty much made this topic to ask users if why I would be reported for this. If it is possible as well, I would like my ghost removed please. Thank you IFC members and users.

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Check this helpful post about flying a fighter aircraft in a controlled airspace :)


If you already Pm’d the controller than why make a post? He will answer the question for you and give you the reasons why he ghosted you from his point of view, if you would like to have your ghost reversed you should have an ATC Moderator added to you PM with NARO. Check that post that my buddy @DiamondGaming4 shared above for your answer.

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Thank you. So I can’t even fly 300kts in ATC airspace even if I’m above 10,000ft?

Thank you Chief 305. I am not so used to expert server so I am sorry that I may not know all the procedures. I have been grade 3 straight for like 5-6 months but I have not flown on expert server that much as I am mostly nervous when I do long haul flights as I am anxious of being ghosted by IFATC as I am on my route for not contacting their frequency after repeated requests. I always step away from my device once at cruise level so that I can let my flight progress without having me to monitor it for so many hours straight.

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You can. 300-400kts GS is common in an approach airpsace, even though pilots are supposed to tune into approach at around 270kts AS. For tower airpspace it‘s very fast though.

IFATC wont touch you when you are at cruise level and away from your device.