ATC Ghosting me

I’m currently flying into YVR right now, and the controller at center keeps ignoring me, almost as if I’m not there. Any way to fix this?

Most likely a bug many controllers are experiencing right now - where aircraft disappear/their messages don’t come through.

However, you can message your controller just to confirm what’s going on.


I looked on liveflight, it said I wasn’t on the map. I tried fixing it by a controller responding to me in the IF discord. It’s fixed temporarily but of course my game crashed. Hope I’m not the only one with this issue. This needs to be fixed soon.


Did you change network at all during the flight (switch to a different Wi-Fi or switch between Wi-Fi and Cellular)?

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Im sure the devs are working to solve this issue as fast as possible. It’s not only you, many other users expirience the same problem.

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Yes. I did that but then my game crashed.

Just close the app for about 30 seconds so that it disconnects you from the live server, then open the app back up and when it re-connects you, you’ll be connected properly. This works for me

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