ATC Ghosted me after ATIS change

Atis was changed while I was holding short, I was then given clearance to take off, then was ghosted for not following atis instructions. I feel the need to dispute because of the short notice I had, I did realize there was something wrong when I began to turn and saw an aircraft about 1nm to my right. If there was something I fail to understand then I would appreciate if someone would explain it to me for future reference and knowledge. If I could atleast get a warning this time around I will appreciate it as I never had this issue happen to me.
ATC name is Diamondgaming

Who was your controller?

Please look in your logbook for the controller’s name and let us know who it is so we can let them know to contact you. :)


Also, it please change this to #live or #atc

@Alexander_Acosta you can look here once you find the controller in your logbook as @TaipeiGuru said to find their IFC name. However you can’t PM yet so you will have to get a mod to do it

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The OP has been notified on what to do. He can’t PM. So suggesting the OP contact the controller when he can’t doesn’t sound like a great suggestion. Just hold your horses. A mod or the controller will appear and bam. They can start a PM with the OP.
@Alexander_Acosta do what @TaipeiGuru has said. You’re TL0 which means you can’t PM.