Atc Ghost Report

Hello to everyone.
Firstly sorry for my English.

I just flew between KJFK and KRDU. I contacted approach Atc to approaching KRDU. I followed the instructions. After receiving the instruction of last attempt, he told me to contact me with the tower as normal. After swicth and send I gave notice for landing on the tower. Although I switch the tower frequency, I continued to hear the approach instructions of the other pilots. Again I was swicth and send again as I was told to go back to the tower frequency. it didn’t work. I checked out all the frequencies and connected to the tower again, but I did not connect again and I continued to hear the instructions of the approach. Approach Atc warns that if I am not going to tower frequency, I will be a ghost. Although I tried to try several times, I could not get to the tower frequency. I tried to switch to ground frequency on the runway did not work again. I’ve been reported as a ghost. This should not happen. Always abide by all the Atc instructions. Must be corrected.


Please PM @DirkGiessmann to resolve the issue :)

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Controller has been notified. Please continue via PM.