ATC General Edward

Hi community. Anybody know how I can contact the approach that’s there, ‘EIAI J Rogers’?

This can be closed after sombody tells me. Tha k you all.

Here you go try this list.

Humm, I dont see them I found myself though :). That’s new.

What airport was he controlling at :)?

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KBOS, Logan International

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General Edward Lawrence Logan somthing.

I’ll let him know for you (:

He should be in contact soon

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General Edward Logan Boston International Airport is the full name 😉

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Already took care of that.


Just thank him for me for such an amazing job, I went NORDO and he worked with me. I’m very grateful for that.


Hey. Thanks it was a bit glitchy but worked with it. Stress levels were high at KBOS. Thanks very much for the good feedback. Hopefully 27 was manageable with the close traffic on approach.

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