ATC: Game crash when using the refresh button in Game

Scince the other Thread was closed, I’ve decided to continue here.

You know, as an IFATC Or an ATC in training server, we have the frequencies and the “status” box. And in the status box you have frequencies open and how many inbounds. Well, we have a refresh button so you can see the stats updated.

Did someone can reproduce this?

I’m unable to reproduce this. I controlled last night and had no issues with refreshing the inbound list.

Device(s): iPhone 12 Pro, iPad mini 5th generation
OS: iOS 14.3
Version: 20.03.03 (633)

You may want to make that link public.

If you refresh several times in 2 seconds it crashes

Yes this glitch is very annoying. One, for ATC because we need to be careful refreshing the status page. And two, for pilots who get their ATC closed for a few minutes while ATC tries to get their game open again.

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It’s noted internally using this:

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