ATC fuel commands

Was just ghosted at EGLL for turning base when not told to. In an a320, my fuel was like 150kg at emergency fuel. i was doing pattern work, completing 5 circuits before I decided to attempt the final one, stretching my fuel remaining. I wouldn’t have turned base and disregarded atc if there was a low fuel command on the atc commands. For some reason there wasn’t. I had realised there was no way to notify atc. Just wanted to out this out there for the controller I had, not sure who it was. Callsign was VH-MWY. RIP grade 3

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can you tell us who the controller is so we can tag him here you can find that in the logbook.


Contact your controller to find out more and see if it can be reversed.

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Well, you basically have said the reasoning for your ghost. Pack more fuel next time, because the command doesn’t just show up if your fuel is low, it also looks for factors like flight time and were you even able to reach your destination.

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There was no fuel command because you have to be flying for more than three hours and have low fuel. I’m pretty sure. Unless they changed it

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I think it’s one hour but let’s leave it to the controller

Even if he was flying for more than 3 hours, he was doing T&G before he had 150 kgs of fuel


In a near update IF members should add emergency conversations on the ATC talks for things like this

You just said the reason you were ghosted for.

Emergency fuel command already exists if you fly for a certain amount of time.

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I didn’t know that

Your controller is either @Georgios_P or @OneLetterShor2.

No, I was the controller. Taken to a PM, thanks


There is no need to take this conversation any further, PM @DimitriB ! Add @reports to the PM as well

I didn’t ghost anyone on my session. It’s probably @DimitriB

@moderators… Pls close, Pilot Error, solution stated.