ATC frustration

So this goes back a few weeks ago when I was enroute from Mexico City to Cancun but when I connect with the appproch, they told me to turn and after 10 minutes, they told me to turn back. I ended the flight because I was disappointed.


Hey mate!

Sorry to hear about your experience. Your best bet would be to PM the controller. You can find this information in the States part of your replay.

Have a good one!


That happen to me @ItsablacklineYT


Same goes to you then :)


I forgot it, but let me go in my replays to see.

was that on training or expert?

Sorry to hear your disappointment!

Going along with @Z-Tube, your best bet would be to go into your replays, find the flight, and look up the controller so that you can PM them and discuss the incident. If this was on the Training server, there isn’t much to be done past that, as it’s a place for learning. I am curious though, if this incident took place 3+ weeks ago, why bring it up at such a later date? If something is ever wrong, we at IFATC always appreciate any situations be brought up to us, the sooner the better, so that we may help resolve the issue.

Expert server

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