ATC frequency table flashing when choosing frequency

Earlier I was flying approach patterns and when trying to tune back into the approach frequency from Unicom the frequency I selected would just keep flashing. I tried with other near by frequencies and they did the same

IF version: 20.3.3
Phone: IPhone 8+ IOS 14.2

Video below


Hey Buddy!! try this, that should fix it! Game Unplayable after Hotfix - Unable to tune to ATC frequency/Cannot hear audio/App Crashes - #3 by Cameron

I had volume at the session and the ATC commands as I followed the link above but this was something else that I haven’t seen anyone yet report

I’m currently flying now and having the same issue. I’m coming from Hong Kong to Toronto on a 14 hour flight and don’t really want to have to exit out because of this. I have changed two Alex US And still have the flashing and not able to communicate. It’s probably a restart of infinite flight to make it work.

This is most likely related to the ATC issue as a whole. As you know, we’re doing our very best to mitigate it but in the end we can’t do more than wait for Apple.

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Absolutely understand, and thank you all for the hard fast work. With out able to tune into atc I guess I’ll need to divert.

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Alright thanks for the confirmation this can now be closed

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