ATC Frequency Problem.

I was approaching to EDDL and I requested visual approach and ATC didn’t respond back. I tuned out the frequency and try again, nothing happen. I know ATC were not fooling me because they are IFATC. Two minute later, I got respond very weird and other player were requesting and talking with ATC. I wasn’t on any frequency (No frequency) I look at the UTC time, it said 22:32 and it was 22:34, it was delaying. I have to quit the game to prevent getting ghosted.

Phone: Samsung S8
Server: Expert Server
Connection: Using Cellar Cell and Good Connection.
No picture because I need to quit the game.
Hope any question and answer will solved this.

Wait for a moderator to take a look at this.

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What was your callsign?

Next time, look on my profile. Anyway, it “CQ-NMN”.

There’s nothing we can do at this point really. The big thing is to make sure you have a strong internet connection prior and close background apps. Also avoid leaving the app or multitasking.

We know others have had intermittent communication issues. If you experience it flight after flight let us know and we can see if there’s more to it.

Some people have said that disabling notifications help on Android.


Okay, thank you. This can be closed.