ATC - Frequency Change Approved

Hey guys,

So I was told about 3 or 4 times “frequency change approved” as in "get off of my frequency please by the controller and hit “send and switch” or somthing each time but was still on his frequency. He seemed annoyed as he told me to check forums for assistant, anyhow the thing of it is that all of this was happening as I was turning just after takoff.

I think mabye just let me continue on the frequency for a few minutes until I have my flaps up :).

I dont know if it’s me or not but the command “frequency change approved” implies me changing at my discretion.

Any thoughts or tips?

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was this in Training Server…?

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No it was on the expert server, at Hartsfield.

ohk. when was it…? i’ll let your controller know. and he’ll assist you further… :)

It was about 2 or 3 minutes ago. :). Not to mention I was in a CRJ and there was pretty bad weather so it was hard enough as I am just learning that aircraft. A lot of focus on flying.

@F_Javier_Martinez will get to you soon once he’s done controlling. :)


Thank you by the way sir!

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no issues. always there to help. :) have a nice flight… :)

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