ATC Frequencies

Is there a feature on the mobile app where one can hear ATC giving instructions? Because mine its just planes only.

You should be able to hear all the atc instructions for the frequency that you are on. Can you see the atc instruction? Maybe you have something in the settings enables like “mute atc”.


You are at an airport where no one is controlling. Therefore, pilots use the Unicom frequency to communicate to each other. Try going to the playground and advanced server. Airports on your map that are marked with green letters are being controlled (by actual people). You will find more controllers on the playground server, but your chance of actually being controlled by someone who knows what they’re doing is greater on the advanced server.

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Have you got a ‘live’ subscription?

Which is implying that pilots are talking to each other, but he is not hearing ATC instructions because he isn’t at a controlled airport.

Sounds to me like the OP is in Solo mode.

Haven’t played solo mode for that long I forgot there’s no other aircraft out there!

I’d say he’s in the wrong server - go to ATC playground !

Oh, I’m sorry I get what the problem is now

How do i reach advance mode because when i try accessing it it just says i do not have enough credits

To fly in the advanced server you need a certain amount of experience

So how do i get to a lively airport because where i usually fly, it’s a ghost town. I want something vibey.