ATC FREQ not changing

I’ve notice the last few flights especially on Friday, I was to contact tower and I switch but when I called inbound for landing I was back on approach, this has happened also on Training server any suggestions
Unfourtatly I don’t have a pic to show

No suggestions it’s a know issue IF is working through. Just proceed IFATC will continue to work with you.

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Maybe the ATC closed the tower down for a while during the moment you just switched frequency?

Actually they were threatening to ghost me

The ATC could instruct you not to change the frequency. That could possibly be the problem.

Also, the ATC towers are closing and opening constantly around us. I am not sure but I noticed that too for quite a while. Sometimes the IFATC switch towers for many reasons… I recommend staying on the remaining frequency until instructed to change.

  • If you want to change frequency, use the “requesting frequency change” button.

  • After a while if the ATC tells you “you were already told to change frequency, or “frequency change approved…”, you can change the frequency to say, Tower.

  • There are complications with the ATC too. I recommend reading a few tutorials in regards of the ATC. You should not be ghosted if you follow the correct instructions. Hope some of this helps…

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