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I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for live to be a Air Traffic Controller. I don’t feel like I should have to pay to make the game more realist. I do ATC to make other people happy and make the live experience more realistic.

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ehh… would you make a program you worked 24/7 on would you put it out for free?


Pilots make it more realistic too by flying. Therefore you can’t have one pay and the other get it for free.


This is not only a plane simulator, but an ATC simulator. It’s REALLY well made, and it honestly almost costs NOTHING, so IMO it’/ not something you should complain about…

No one is forcing you to buy it – it’s your own choice


@Jordan_Mercer… MaxSez: The Controller ego, “We/I”, ain’t we special and your not even qualified IFATC yet. Oh My! LOL


You’re seeing it just as a flight simulator. IF also simulates Air Traffic Control and although you think you’re supplying a service as ATC, the pilots could say the same. Both careers get paid in the real world and they both provide services. I definitely do think there should be some type of discount program for active controllers, but the same would have to be done for active pilots. Once you give one person a discount, they’ll all want it. Next thing we know, forum users are going to want a discount because of their time spent in the community and then the airport editing team will want their discount for fixing all of the airports. I’m sure you can see why it would become a problem.

That doesn’t even include the fact that you’re getting a unique simulator with an active community, active and knowledgeable controllers, and an amazing development team. Think of it this way: The development team most likely spends 4-6 hours (minimum) every day working on things for Infinite Flight. They eat lunch every day which costs them $5-10 each. After just one business week, that comes out to be $25-50 per person per business week. That means when one person buys Live+, they cover one employee for just 1/50 business weeks (2 weeks vacation). If there are 10 employees , all year long, it will cost $25,000 just in lunch alone for those 10 employees. That’s 500 people that need to buy Live+ every year just for those employees to eat throughout the week. That doesn’t include all of the other work they do, that doesn’t include the new technology required to make IF run on your device, that doesn’t include their fuel getting to and from work, and it doesn’t include any of the fees that accumulate from owning a business. And then to top it all off, taxes take a large portion of money from the company.

I can go all day. Hopefully you see the point and understand why nothing in life is free.


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