ATC Free Cam causing Issues

Just feeding back an issue i’m seeing with the free camera whilst on ATC. Whilst using free camera to monitor traffic on the runway/taxiway it will intermittently cause all aircraft to display a Connection Issue and then vanish completely.

The camera mode will then lock into a zoomed position and become un-responsive even when double tapping

This has been ongoing for me since last IF update on iOS (believe this was the MD11 update?)

I’ve performed the usual: restarted the app, re-installed and reset network connection but it seems to be persistant - happens with high and low traffic volumes

Currently using iPhone7 on iOS 11.2.2 using Wifi on a 59 down 19mb up connection

No other in app service connection issues at the time and no background apps running, occurs at various airports with high and low traffic volumes but does appear to happen more frequently when higher above the airport than its default

Known issue or anyone else experiencing the same problem?

I had this about 15 - 30 minutes ago. It only lasts for around 10 seconds (for me), and all aircraft end up flying straight up like a helicopter or something else that is bizarre, before disappearing. If you had this at the same time as my it probably had something to do with the server. If not, it must just be our connection cutting out momentarily.

I notice that no matter the camera view I’m in it still happens (as a pilot).

Hope this helps!

Hi there,
The farther zoomed out you are the less likely you will see the plane. The angle and the amout you are zoomed out right now is at the degree where you cannot see the plane. My recommendation is to zoom in.

I would also recommend to do a factory reset on your device.

This isn’t the issue he is having. He is saying that all of the aircraft get the “Connection Issue”, before disappearing, and saying that all his dots were still green (same with me). I don’t know why the dots didn’t change color while it happened, but that’s the only solution I can come up with.


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@Delta_Alpha_Lima Thanks! Its certainly progressive the higher up you are and i understand your point about aircraft visibility

Its occuring at lower heights, though less frequently, and its a shame because i find the camera useful particularly at larger airports

@Etrain haha indeed, Vienna turned into a heliport just now

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Ok the root cause looks to be caused by a player having / linked to network issues

If i have double tapped an aircraft in free cam mode to monitor their movement on the ground and then they disconnect or lose network connection the free cam appears to get stuck in a zoomed mode and becomes unresponsive as above

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This occurs to me quite often when I am doing ATC. While it is frustrating, I recently have figured out how to resolve it. I change the camera mode to any mode I prefer besides the free camera, then hit menu, and then after about 10 seconds I go back to the free cam view and it is back to normal.

Try this and see if it resolves anything.

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This is a known issue. Even as a controller if I zoom out of the radar it causes all the planes to freeze for a bit.

It is also advised to turn down your graphics settings as a controller, that will help things out some.

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I think it is also, but every time I do this:

-It is back to normal again. Is that just something on my end or is it resolvable for the whole table?

Yes that is part of what is known.


@Chris_S @Delta_Alpha_Lima Thanks guys appreciate the help, the menu solution seems to help, i’ll mark this as solved and hopefully something permanent will come in future updates - Have a great weekend