ATC FPL for Saturday


It’s Saturday so here something fun. Courtesy of I have created two flight plans for you.

Leg 1: VTBD to WMKK
Airline: Air Asia
Aircraft: A320
Full Passengers w/ 2T Cargo
Fuel: 8391 KGS
FPL as Follows

VTBD 1358N/10038E 1404N/10031E 1401N/10023E 1346N/10014E 1323N/10041E 1305N/10041E 1159N/10039E 1029N/10037E 948N/10036E 931N/10035E 926N/10035E 854N/10034E 730N/10032E KARMI VIH 411N/10112E DAKUS VKL WMKK

More Info:

Leg 2 Return: WMKK to VTBD
Airline: Malaysian Airlines
Aircraft: 737-800
Full Passengers w/ 2T Cargo
Fuel: 8778 KGS
FPL as Follows

WMKK 247N/10142E PIBOS MATSU 419N/10218E 533N/10234E VKB GOLUD 902N/10140E 1024N/10122E 1138N/10105E 1222N/10105E 1226N/10104E BUT 1307N/10020E 1323N/10019E 1333N/10019E 1339N/10022E 1339N/10030E 1344N/10035E 1348N/10033E VTBD

More Info:

Hope you have fun and enjoy the 4 hours it takes to complete both legs.


That’s great, when will you be controlling today?

I will be controlling throughout the day. I have done 1 hour earlier and just completed another hour. Going to take a 2-3 hour break and then step back in again. When you have 1 runway it’s actually pretty easy to control and comfortable, when you have 3, your constantly being challenged to choose the right runway based upon where everyone else is too, so you do get mentally tired and so I will not take that one for 3 hours like I usually do approach for.

Happy flying today Ethan,

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