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Hi all hope your all safe and well,
I was just inbound for EGLL with the tower active.
I then called inbound.
Then got a reply from the ATC asking for my intentions
I then resent the inbound message
Then was asked to refer to the forum for help using ATC instructions.

What could I have done?
Many thanks


Was this on Expert Server?

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Yes it was

Contact @DimitriB for more info.


Funny you say that. I was also inbound in EGLL 10 minutes ago, the same controller asked for my intentions after myself calling inbound and then when I called inbound again the controller told me to check the forum.

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Should I do this on pm if other users were having the same issue?


You can send him a pm and he will explain the situation for you.
Have a great evening :)
Same goes for any other pilots who were having “issues”.


Thanks a lot for you help.

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