ATC Forgot about me

So um kinda of an ATC question too. I was at RJTT and requested to Tower to cross RWY09. No response came after 2 minutes. I request again, no response almost 5 minutes later. So I somehow didn’t get cleared to cross what looked like a runway that was clear. Then a JAL 772 goes into the taxiway next to me and gets clearance to cross before me and he requested and got clearance in like a minute. It’s basically like ATC forgot that I was there waiting. Would I be ghosted if I had requested again for a 3rd time or no?

It was the same situation at RJTT for me, but in the air, I’m guessing that traffic is extremely busy right now, so I’d wait, or contact ground.


Ground told me to contact tower. Even when I got the the hold short line, I requested on ground frequency to cross RWY09 and he just told me to contact Tokyo Tower.

RJTT has over 240 inbounds right now. Only Tower and Ground are active. Approach and center are not there to take a ton of work off of tower’s back right now. There’s 50 aircraft landing in the next 20 minutes that tower has to attempt to manage, along with departures. There’s over 30 aircraft on the ground additionally.

Please continue to expect delays as it is virtually impossible to provide quick service under these conditions.


IFATC is very busy. My recruiter Adam Williams said they are very busy with the new update. Don’t request again ATC will see you.

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Instead of over 200 pilots trying to all go to one airport, why not spread out to the other 7 featured airports??? It would help make this problem non existent and more enjoyable for everyone.

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I have to disagree here, I occasionally do forget ppl so after like maybe 4 mins you can contact again. Just don’t spam though, we wont report you for just one extra message. The most is we tell you to not sent duplicates.


Probably not due to the time span you’ve sent the other 2 previous messages.

Unfortunately, we all make mistakes & he could’ve forgot, but again I don’t know the situation you encountered.

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I was at LAX and same thing happened. But instead, I was the Air Traffic Controller. I got a request to cross rwy 25R but I couldnt find the aircraft both on radar and in my frequency, so I wasnt able to give that user any instructions .

What was the outcome of this?
BTW if ATC gave you hold short then he hasn’t forgotten, but this doesn’t seem like the case here

Yeah. I got cleared for takeoff instead of cleared to cross the other day more than once. It got pretty funny pretty quick… I was still on tower cuz tower didn’t give me the runway exit instruction.

This! Plus us controllers at those other airports would sure love the work! :)

That is up to the tower and ground controller for what they wanna do.

They never told me to hold short or cross. I just held short cause I knew if I crossed the runway without IFATC telling me I would be ghosted.

What ended up happening though? Just wondering

More than a few times since the update, I have been able to hear a request from a pilot but their strip does not show up and I cannot click on them. I generally try to work around them when they are in the air and let them proceed to land, taxi, etc. so long as they don’t cause a conflict. Runway crossings are more complicated. If I was in the same circumstance, I would likely end my flight.

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