Atc forgot about me

So I was doing my kiah- Denver and I was near Denver and I went in approach and I ask if I can have approach and then he said left turns and decent to 13000 feet I listen and then he said turn right 170 I listen and then he just like forgot about me and I just kept heading south I once I reached 13000 feet I said if I could decent to 9000 feet he did not answer here is a pic zoom in for better view


Had to end flight because I had to go


But that’s how left off


Who was the controller @UnitedGuy19


Let me check


This has happened to me before. It’s frustrating. I had to leave as well, airport wasn’t even busy too. Guess the love holding patterns


Your best option is to already be at a responsible altitude before entering the airspace so that you don’t have to hold.

This was a common theme among pilots at Dubai for me last night.

They would come in and call in from 40 miles from intercept at FL280 and expect to be directed straight in. No. They got put in holds to lose altitude. It has nothing to do with it being “busy” or anything else. I’m just not going to blindly hope they can lose the altitude in time.

Once you lose that altitude, you don’t just automatically get your slot back. You have to be slotted into an existing space. If you’re in a hold, just wait. You will be taken out when there is an available option for you. No one is taking “your” spot; you don’t have one.

If pilots are so concerned about not being taken out of line, you would think they’d prepare themselves better.

(No, I was not at Denver here, but I know what it’s like to have pilots think “you forgot me” when I’ve actually forgotten maybe one genuinely ever. The rest just don’t want to be the ones held responsible for being too high.)


@Tim_B Always with your good and detailed explanations! I appreciate you too much!


@Tim_B thank you

I do think he has a point, irrespective of how high he was, controllers do occasionally vector pilots away from the field and leave them there adinfinitum. I have experienced this a few times even when at a realistic FL compared to proximity to the field. And yes I am talking about the expert server.

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I have notified the controller…he will contact you within sometime.

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I will Pm you in a bit,u were never forgotten.