ATC for tomorrow?

I was looking at the ATC schedule for Sunday (tomorrow) and I’m wondering where IFATC will choose to control? Since Sunday’s schedule is up to the controllers choice, it would be nice if any IFATC would reply and tell me where you are controlling tomorrow so I can plan my flight.


ATC tomorrow is chosen by ATC them selves!! so look around where ATC is open!

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Its all up to ATC where they want to open.

Yeah, so that’s why I’m asking where they choose to open up tomorrow so I can plan my flight

We IFATC can open anywhere where Alaska airlines serves from Seattle. I’m expecting airports such as SEA, JFK, LAX, and others to be open for long periods of time tommorow :)


Okay, thanks

Most likely expect LAX to be busy

You can expect KMSP to be open by me, it’s a rare opportunity I get to open my home airport!


Ahh that schedule hasn’t been updated for a couple weeks now lol! I’ve been quite busy lately and barely touch IF (haven’t been controlling either…)

Probably will get it updated next week though…

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Okay. So KLAX will most likely be open? Because I’m doing a long haul from YSSY-KLAX

MaxSez: “Dealers Choice”… Bet they open all “B”, the usual suspects. Regionals or Muni’s would be a novelty! No Guts, No Glory! A “Max Gift Box” to the IFATC who has the Right Stuff to go small. I recommend LGSK (Skiathos Island, GR) all 1500+ feet of it for the future. But keeping with Sunday’s Alaskan theme how about;
“Sitka” (PASI), Class E.
(Photo Source: Forbes Tvl mag, Public Domine)


@Maxmustang I can’t open bravo airports yet so maybe I’ll open a small airport for you and others who prefer to do some patterns 👍


I’ll definitely come to KMSP. My former home airport

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