Atc for philly at 6:50pm est

We need approach and tower for KPHL, we are 4 boeing 747 heavys coming from EGLL on expert server, pls be there!!!

Please dont request ATC for expert as we have our featured regions to control each day

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Ok we just need controllers since there is no one there

ATC is currently overseas now. They can’t open US airports at this time.


Well todays featured region is not in the United States so there is nothing we can do. If you fly in training im sure there will be ATC there is another thread just for that

If you’d like to have ATC where you are flying comment on this thread below but you’d have to fly on training server in the future as us IFATC have a schedule to abide by.


Please see the above posts. IFATC only operates in the featured regions on expert server. You can find air traffic control anywhere on the training server, but please request it in the thread @infiniteflight_17 linked.

Thanks for helping keep our forum organized!