Atc for free

I think it would be nice if atc mode would be free so you don’t have to purchase infinite flight live to use it. It would give the servers more air traffic controllers and people without infinite flight live to do more stuff.


Hmmmm, that’s an interesting point

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Not really think that’s gonna happen…


Fair point but don’t see how that would work? Way too excessive to have one controller for one person. Unless you mean an offline atc bot. If that’s the case I would say that makes some sense but to request, please set a post on the features catagorty for such a thing


Hi, firstly as Thomas says this is a feature request which you need to be TL2 to post.

Secondly this is very unlikely to happen as ‘Live’ is online and uses servers which cost a lot of money to keep up and running to enable us to play online. Most of the cost of a pro subscription will go towards servers. They are the same servers for ATC and Pilots therefore allowing people to control without a subscription is a) unfair to those who have paid and b) unfair to FDS as they’ll then have to find another way to fund the servers.


I mean when you purchase infinite flight live you can chose to be atc and I think people that don’t purchase live can be controllers for people with live


I see your point there, but as the previous point stated, the cost is all used for the servers and all the next and amazing updates. Although there aren’t as many atc controlers as poliots in if, there is still a large amount who help maintain the game by live subscriptions.

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Something similar has been mentioned before and FDS Staff made it pretty clear:

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ATC needs servers to operate from, and servers have recurring or continuous costs. So offering ATC for free isn’t really beneficial to IF.